What is TBD After Dark?

TBD After Dark. For the curious minded only. We are not a business. This is not a money making venture. We are a carefully curated group of individuals with a common goal – to nourish our creative souls. We’re all drained from work or from the current social environment. Research has proven that we are designed to be curious. It nourishes us both psychologically and physically.


TBD After Dark is about connecting creative and curious people by opening one’s mind to new experiences and possibilities. Creating  carefully crafted and designed events to tap into new and ancient wisdoms and technologies to enhance the body and brain. To recharge out creative batteries and connect with like minded individuals across the globe. Currently in LA and NYC, with London coming online in early 2021 (subject to the current pandemic, of course). 

Our events are created after we have personally tested and experienced the type of events to make sure they are in line with our core purpose. We’ve been to many other similar events but have been disappointed in the lack of care and attention given to the actual experience, location, curation of groups etc. We carefully curate and produce these events to have a genuine and lasting impact on the people attending. 

Follow us here or at @tbdafterdark on Instagram or if you would like more information email: bruce@whoistbd.com or sign up for our events updates via our Newsletter on the Home Page. 

More information on the types of events and adventures we currently focus on can be found below. And past and future events can be found on the relevant pages of this site.