Sound Bath. Malibu.

Sound Bath.

“A sound meditation, or a sound journey. It’s a healing experience through sound. A sound bath experience has many benefits. In our culture we are becoming more and more aware of holistic approaches for relaxation and healing, to combat the everyday stresses of modern life—a sound bath can offer the perfect solution.”

One of the very first TBD After Dark experiences. And one I would repeat again, and again. Incredible. And trust me. I’m a Scot. So a high level of cynicism is built into my DNA. We went to the Malibu home of Leigh McCloskey, an artist who has transformed his home into a work of art. In this house, Leigh has created an immersive experience that is “a study of consciousness, creation and what it means to be human.” It really is an exceptional house. After a guided tour and talk from Leigh, we settled into his living area for a Sound Bath, conducted by Ram Kirin.

Full disclosure. Half the group were on an experiment to try a Sound Bath while on marijuana. Based on some proven evidence that it deepens and enhances the experience. First point to note on this – marijuana is legal in California. Second point to note on this – I was one of those in the group who tried it. Based on the feedback from the others in my group and the others in the non-marijuana group, it absolutely does heighten the experience. I’ve never experienced such a deep, intense, meditation. Saying that, I have been to Sound Baths since and not on marijuana and it remains an incredible way to be still, be reflective and reconfigure your thoughts and mood. Seek one out near you. If a cynical Scot can be converted then what’s stopping you!