Neuroscience + Technology

Biohacking (verb, noun):
(v): To change the environment outside of you and inside of you, so you have full control of your biology, allowing you to upgrade your body, mind, and your life.
(n): The art and science of becoming superhuman

There is so much more to technology than people yelling at each other on social media. As the science behind how the body and brain work, more and more mainstream tech applications and solutions are coming online to help people achieve optimum performance, peace of mind, creative levels. Think how popular Headspace or Calm (meditation apps) have become in recent months. Or how many companies are introducing meditation apps to Virtual Reality Platforms for truly out of body experiences. Or the sound systems used at Burning Man or other venues to create a full sensory sound experience. Some examples of the types of events that might be in this category include:

  • Curated private event at Bulletproof Labs – LA only at this time. Including their Virtual Float Tank (pictured above – no swimming costume necessary!) and Brain Charger tech.
  • Private sound wave and light therapy group events (La and NY)
  • Private Virtual Reality meditation events (LA and NY)
  • Crystal Light Therapy sessions