What is TBD After Dark?

TBD After Dark. For the curious minded only. We are not a business. This is not a money making venture. We are a carefully curated group of individuals with a common goal – to nourish our creative souls. We’re all drained from work or from the current social environment. Research has proven that we are designed to be curious. It nourishes us both psychologically and physically.

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TBD After Dark

This page is where we curate and comment on past events so you can see what we did, where we did it, and why, and what the impact was on the individuals who took part. Then and now. If it sparks interest, we can repeat the event in whichever city we’re currently in. 

Sound Bath. Malibu.

Sound Bath. “A sound meditation, or a sound journey. It’s a healing experience through sound. A sound bath experience has many benefits. In our culture we are becoming more and more aware of holistic approaches … Continue reading Sound Bath. Malibu.